You are Divine

Inner Wisdom

Dear one, do you know how Divine you are?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel the Love that you are?
Can you feel the oneness of everything that is?
Can you feel how majestic you are?
How majestic your body is?
You are indeed a physical Divine Being of Light.
A divine being, connected to the same Almighty Source as everything that exists. This Divine energy is flowing constantly through you, within you, filling your entire being, nurturing you with love, constantly.

This Almighty energy is what keeps you alive, is what makes your heartbeat, your body to function, your chakras to spin, your mind to create, your heart to love.

My dear friend, once taught me that in order to keep any negative energies away from my auric field, one of the most powerful tools, at least for me, is to say as many times as I feel it’s needed this Holy words. “In the name of God.”
Can you feel the power in this short sentence?
When you are saying it with your heart, consciously or unconsciously you acknowledge and you command that you are the Divine Almighty power and your words matter; you use your free will to ask in the name of what you are as a Pure Essence that only what you really are, you are allowing in your energy field, so, those negative entities which are created from fears and are feeding with negative emotions, are left only with the option to stay away from your energy field and to dissolve into the heart of the One.
Do you understand now how powerful you are when you use your free will with your heart?
Can you feel what a tremendous power you have when you acknowledge and feel the freedom of your soul?
Do you understand that you are as Divine as the Infinite Omnipresence Source and you have the power to create divinity from within?
Do you understand why the matrix system is suppressing your freedom to raise your vibration into a state of love, a state of your original blueprint?
If you understand and feel this message, grow your flame, more and more; Meditate, pray, feel love, breathe consciously, love yourself, and free yourself from all the fears that are virus your mind.

We are not a virus!
Our breath has tremendous power when we become conscious about it. Our breath is the inhalation of God and the exhalation of love when we breathe consciously. Our palms have healing chakras, and if we activate them with conscious breathing while sending love to them, these chakras have the power to heal everything they touch.
Mother Gaia is filled with minerals that are nurturing our physical bodies. The sun is nurturing our light body. Prana energy is nurturing our soul.
We have access to God at every moment. The ocean of infinite love is available at every moment. Merge with it! The only thing we need to do is to practice awareness, to live in the present moment, to be grateful for every breath, to live in our hearts and to create from that center place, a better world, together.
Let’s be the change we want to see in the world! If we want to live in a peaceful world, let’s start with ourselves.
If we want to live in a healthy world, let’s heal ourselves, our minds, our physical body, our emotional body.
If we want to live in a joyful world, let’s be joyful always.
If we want to live a free world, let’s free our minds of all the fears and programs of the matrix.
What you choose to be, to act, or to feel, it is anchored into the collective consciousness.

Be Love dear one!

In-Service for the Divine,

Emilia Rose

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