The Importance of Clearing the Four-Body System

Inner Wisdom

Mankind must begin to behave as God Particles, as Eternal Beings of Love.

Many so-called Spiritual Leaders are speaking about the planetary situation, about the fact that this planet was under the control of the archonic consciousness for thousands of years and although this information is helping us to understand the bigger picture of the history of this planet, in the same time, this type of information is putting us unconsciously in a state of fear or is making us think that we are victims. We start thinking that we don’t need to do anything because we are helpless and we need to wait for somebody to save us. Until then, we can just do whatever our egos want because we are rebel victims. 

The truth is that the archonic consciousness is still present until these days because we are still feeding it. The food of these lower vibration beings is negative emotions and thoughts, more precisely, they are feeding with the collective fear of all life on Earth.

If we all were in a state of unconditional love, no darkness was thriving on this planet. 

Yes, they manipulated us in many ways but they succeed in doing this only because we didn’t have a strong connection with our souls. Our souls are above the 4 body system, our souls are in a state of Unconditional Love Consciousness and to have a strong connection with them, we need to clean and heal as much as it is possible the four-body system. The spiritual mental, emotional, etheric/physical body. 

The personality level encompasses  this four-body system. 

The majority of the people are still living within the confines of their illusory outer self which is their personality. Humanity is still bounded by its outer creation. 

I want to remind you that the basic principle of healing on this planet through mass consciousness is simply what the total of us, the creators of our reality, have allowed.

If the healing/clearing of all the four bodies it is not done, it’s almost impossible to have a connection with your Soul and to allow your soul to penetrate every atom of your being until the inner alchemy it is manifest it. 

If the healing and clearing of the four bodies it’s skipped, what you will access during any type of channeling or spiritual practice it’s the lower astral realm. The psychic lower astral realm is the emotional and mental realm, it is the creation of human consciousness, the accumulation of human thoughts and forms energized by human emotions and referred to as mass consciousness. The Unconditional Love Consciousness can be reached when you have a high vibration and only through your open heart. 

By clearing and healing the four-body system, you will start having access to the Divine Consciousness. This Divine Consciousness will manifest perfection from within in every aspect of your life. 

It is very simple, make space for love and light by letting go of all the 3D baggage you are caring with you daily. The negative emotions and thoughts are there to guide you to the cause of why you have them and to make you aware of what you stored in your subconscious mind and that’s all. Once you become aware of the causes of all those negative emotions and thoughts, with your free will you can let them go through different healing methods. 

These negative emotions effectively lower humanity into slavery, because they break down one’s resistance by wasting the energy of life, which should be used for the creation of love, beauty, godliness. 

This slavery will continue as long as the personality fails to make the necessary conscious effort to free itself from the illusion of the psychic world which contains only the creations of humanity, generated by the discordant emotions thoughts and words of the personality level. It is the daily activities of the mind, emotions, and body that alter the creative expression of life to create artificial timelines. 

It is impossible for an all-wise, all perfect Creator to create anything unlike Itself, and so humanity must accept the responsibility for the disharmony that it has created for itself. The Creator level gives to the beings with free will, the Co-Creators, the Creator’s tools.

To be a Creator, the individual must have free will. His wheel of manifestation cannot be and is not complete until he recognizes  his I AM Presence for it is only Source which knows all that is required to complete any pattern of manifestation that creates perfection. 

The personality level of every individual is blessed with free will, the power of choice, as to what it wishes to experience, create, think, and feel on its level. If he uses the divine energy constructively, then peace, joy, and expansion will return to him. However, if he chooses and creates otherwise, his misery and destruction will return to him over and over again until he raises his consciousness.

As each one of us creates our reality, if we create for ourselves conditions that are unpleasant or lacking, we also have the power to purify and change them through the right use of the Transformational Energy. Only in the fullness of the God -Self Presence can the personal self ever find the fulfillment of every positive desire.

When one gives in to his feeling of resistance, he destroys himself and his world because of the law that dictates that whatever negative thought or feeling sent forth by a human must first vibrate through the lower mind and body of the sender before going out into the universe. Once it has traveled as far as it can on the universal level, it begins its return to its creator, the personality.

The person always becomes that which he focuses upon; if he meditates upon the I AM God Presence, he will become an expression of that perfection.

The Earth is in the process of a tremendous, and completely new cosmic birth. It is the time for the attitude of war to give way to peace, hatred to love, selfishness to unselfishness, in the full recognition that to survive, mankind must use their God-given energy to live according to the Law of Love. 

The Law of Life is very clear that peace, harmony, and love must be expressed to every created thing; Each human being carries his heaven or hell with him at every moment, these being the manifestations of the mental and emotional states that the individual is expressing through his attitude toward life. There is no other cause for them. The personality, having free will always, can choose to accept the Law of Life, or it can disobey this law and suffer the difficulties of its self-generated disharmonies. 

The tools for the salvation of humankind have always been here.
Infinite Light, Divine wisdom is always here for you. You, need only to understand how to raise your consciousness to create whatever you desire.

No one but yourself can dictate what shall come into your experience and world. 

The Infinite Omnipresent Source God Energy is always around you, waiting to be acted upon. You, the individual, are the channel through which that energy wishes to expand its perfection. It pours out endlessly the energy of life, it’s limitless Light, but you are the governor of its use. Life is perfection, and it contains all perfect manifestation within itself. 

The only duty of the human being is to be a vessel that expresses and reveals the perfection of life. The one who seeks to attain perfection must train the outer activity of his mind to listen to no voice except that of his Source, the I AM Pr God Presence. 

He must see the Light, hear the Light, feel the Light, and be the Light of the All That Is. 

Mankind, which has for so long lived against the cosmic current of love, now being forced to tum and seek the Light to survive. 

Darkness, suffering and ignorance exist only in the absence of love. 

Recommended book: Brian Grattan Mahatma I & II

Let the great light of the Source, merge with all life on Earth and may Divine Love open our hearts.

In-Service for the Divine,

Emilia Rose

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