Temple Priestess Workshop

The Temple Priestess is a Forceful Divine Feminine Archetype.

A woman who embodies the Goddess archetype emanates all around her unconditional love, kindness, pureness, and compassion towards all life.
She accepts and loves herself on all levels.
Because she focuses on personal growth and self-awareness, she experiences a life increasingly filled with inner peace, joy, passion, blissfulness.
She is honored to serve Mother Gaia and all those who need her help.
The Temple Priestess listens to her inner guidance, she has a strong intuition and lives her life in alignment with her Spirit.
Her unconditional love and softness are her greatest tools.
She has no interest in the games of the ego or competing with others.
She is here to serve and fulfill the Divine Will of God and she allows each step she takes to be guided.

The Temple Priestess knows that she is here to teach and share the love.
She knows that every choice has to be in alignment with her mission.

This path is for those who feel a deep connection with the Goddess and took the decision to be her Ambassador.
It is a path in which our ancient wisdom will be revived and acclaimed.

Are you ready to awaken your heart, connect with your Soul, activated the threefold flame within and emanate Divine Love, Light, Will through every atom of your being?

Are you ready to give voice to your Soul?

The Temple Priestess Workshop offers us a sacred space where we come to celebrate and empower each other as Divine beings, exploring spiritual awakening through the portal of the woman’s body. Space, where we can drop our egos and let the beauty of our authentic self, be seen in all of its glory.
We’ll feel safe to share our dreams, passion, pain, and vulnerability, by removing all the masks.
Just being in the presence of such women brings healing, because she emanates unconditional love trough all her pores.

In this Sacred Temple, we dive deeper into practices that open us to the essential source of vast wisdom within. We connect with the bliss of devotion and with the truth in our hearts. We align with the dignity and grace of the feminine warrior; we touch infinite compassion, silence, and beauty beyond measure.

*This workshop is primarily intended for women who wish to deepen their divine mission as Temple Priestesses.*

*This workshop includes very strong energetic processes that are suitable only for those who are willing to work on themselves and are open to making rapid spiritual progress and quantum leaps in consciousness.*

You are welcome to step in on this path to dive deeper into the Goddess Mysteries and Initiations.

In Service of the Divine,

Emilia Rose