Let’s Be Love

Inner Wisdom

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world.
Let’s learn to take responsibility for our words, actions, thoughts, emotions.
Let’s learn to forgive ourselves and others.
Let’s learn to love and honor all life.
Let’s learn to manifest a reality based on acceptance, love, peace, abundance.
Let’s learn to stop letting the outside world influence our thoughts and emotions.
Let’s learn to say NO when we feel guided to say no.
Let’s learn self-love and self-acceptance.
Let’s learn to go to the cause when the effects occur.
Let’s learn to be aware and present.
Let’s learn to surrender to the guidance of the Divine.
Let’s learn to have healthy boundaries.
Let’s learn to remain centered.
Let’s learn to be balanced.
Let’s learn God.
Let’s Feel God.
Let’s be God.
Let’s be LOVE!

The pureness of the heart emanates unity, acceptance, oneness, compassion, unconditional love.
In the end, being centered in our hearts is all that we and Gaia need.
In the end, the love that emanates from our hearts has the power to dissolve this 3D matrix.
In the end, forgiveness and acceptance are the main keys for our hearts to shine.
In the end, no darkness can touch a heart wide open.
In the end, starting to spread love to the dark/ lost beings and embrace them and remember them of how it is the feeling of being home again, it is what God wants.
In the end, let’s be a portal for the light to descend and to be anchored on our divine planet.

May truth and acceptance be widespread in the human consciousness for a softer transition to the light.

Emilia Rose

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