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Dear ones, I want to share with you this divine meditation offered by Mother Mary, in a channeling on June 30, 2020. Since she offered to us this meditation, I started feeling God everywhere, I started feeling waves of love in every cell of my being and for me, it is one of the most beautiful meditations I have ever done.

The intention of creating and sharing this meditation is to help those who want to have a stronger connection with God through their hearts, and although this is a meditation made from the wisdom she offered through the channeling, I asked her to send waves of love while you are listening, so that you can open your heart more easily while doing the meditation.

If you want to listen to the channeling also, below is the link:…


1. Use your own technique to bring yourself to a relaxed state of consciousness. Relax your muscles, and focus on the breathing. Breathe in through your nose and breath out through your mouth.

2. Close your eyes and with your consciousness, move your attention to your heart chakra. Slowly, go into your heart and start feeling love. Feel love for yourself, for humanity, for everything.

3. Go deeper and deeper into your heart while emanating all your love. Deeper and deeper and deeper. There is so much love. And again, go deeper and deeper and deeper.

4. Now, you come to a point where you see a small light. Have a look at that light, and as much as you focus on it, it’s growing. It’s growing, growing, growing, and have a look, it’s growing even more. What is this light? It’s your connection to God.

5. Slowly, with your intention and focus, bring that light to the surface. Ask God to embrace your entire being. Ask for this connection to remain forever. You are connected with God. You are part of God.

6. Allow your soul to dive deeper and deeper inside the heart of God and observe how you feel, what you see. Feel and breathe In all its divinity. Allow its love to encompass your entire being. Fill yourself with divine love. Everywhere is just love. Dance inside this ocean of love. Merge with it.

7. Offer this love to your dear ones. Feel love for nature, send your love to the animals, to the birds and seas and trees and children, to Mother Gaia.

8. There is so much love, feel God’s love within you. You don’t have to go to a faraway place. Just inside you, there’s everything available. Remember, remember who you are, and find that point, that light, let it grow. Don’t bury it again. Enjoy that light. Enjoy being God. Now everything around you is beautiful. So much beauty, around you. When you focus on that light, everything will turn to its best. You see God. It’s everywhere. Even in the smallest insect. See that point of light within everything and everyone. They are all connected with God. They are a part of God. You are surrounded by God.

9. Remain in your heart, spread your love, and always remember, everything you need is already inside.


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