Private Sessions

The path of the Rose towards Ascension

Although the inner transformation is an everyday journey to greater heights, I feel a deep calling to share with all of you the spiritual wisdom that helped me to step in on my divine path, to surrender to the guidance of my Higher Self by allowing the inner alchemical process to manifest with grace so I may be of the greatest possible service to all sentient beings.

In order to start fulfilling the Divine Will of God, to become portals for the light to descend on this planet and for us to raise our consciousness, many layers of the matrix programs have to be dissolved.

It’s time to become bridges of pure light between Heaven and Earth.
It’s time to allow our Souls to sit on the inner throne and take all the decisions from that sacred place.
It’s time to become our Higher Selves.
It’s time to Ascend.

Once we decide to step in on this divine path, we have all the support of the Ascended Masters, the angels, and of God. Their message for us, humanity, is to remember that we are made in their image, Co-Creators, Gods in a physical dense form. They are willing to support our Ascension process and they are generous with those who live, act, and speak in the name of God.

If you are interested in this beautiful process of inner transformation and you feel that I can help you, below is the list of all the information you may need.

Energy Exchange:

Pleiades Ray – 20 min healing session /44 Euro

The purpose of this ray is to heal the mental body and any kind of relationship by raising your vibration in a state of pure bliss, helping you to connect with your heart and make a decision from that level.

Sirius Ray – 20 min healing session /44 Euro

The purpose of this ray is to bring joy to our hearts, to express our authentic self, to connect with the energy of unconditional love remembering us that we are one.

Sananda Ray – 20 min healing session /44 Euro

Sananda (Jesus) was a Master who came to Earth many times to teach mankind unconditional love. He closely cooperates with Ashtar now to send the energy of unconditional love from Sirius to the Earth. His major important mission is to teach humans, unconditional love, healing their own hearts.

Galactic Central Sun – 20 min healing session /33 Euro

Galactic Central Sun rays, our light and the source of our life energy, evolution.
This ray helps us to connect with our higher selves and higher goals, remembering our mission on the earth.

Cosmic Central Suns Energy – 20 min healing session /55 Euro

The energy of the Cosmic Central Sun activates and charges the Light Body with a huge amount of microton particles, rising the vibration instantaneous.

Goddess Quan Yin Healing Energy – 20 min / 44 Euro
Mother Mary Healing Energy – 20 min / 44 Euro

For healing your hearts and helping you to remain in a state of unconditional love and inner peace.

! Days before healing, please choose fresh or organic foods, clean and safe drinking water, spend more time in nature and maintain a positive consciousness!

 ! Hours before healing, you can have a nice bath; this will be helpful for you to keep the energy of the rays operating within your own energetic system!

  ! During the healing, you can lie down or just have a seat, and release all your muscles and intense emotions. Breathe deeply and continuously (bringing yourself into an alpha wave state). Focus your intention on your crown or heart chakra, and fully trust and receive the healing energies!

You are welcome to contact me and with love and grace, we will do our best to help you on your spiritual path, to always choose Divine Love.

In-Service for the Divine,

Emilia Rose