Huna Prayers

The Divine Source responds to your free will choice and to the power of your spoken word.

You are God and your word is law!

The Huna prayers are sacred and below I shared important information’s about them.

The main idea for the Huna prayers to be manifested is to say them with your heart three times out loud, and then to make the command to the subconscious mind once, out loud, wait few seconds to allow the lower mind to do its work and then make the final statement.

Paul Solomon, the channel for the Universal Mind, state that clearest form of psychology and spirituality on the planet, was the Huna teachings of Hawaii.

The essence of Huna teachings is that man is made up of three selves of mind.

 The Subconscious mind, the Conscious mind and the Superconcious mind.

The conscious mind is the middle self, the part of man that is conscious about his own existence and has the ability to reason.
The subconscious mind is the lower self, the part of us that presents the unconscious material to the middle mind. The low self is the storehouse of all memory, the seat of the emotions.
The High Self is the trustworthy parental self of spirit. This Higher Self lives at a higher state of consciousness, outside of the physical body.
It will not intervene in the affairs of one’s life, unless asked to do so.

Huna teaches that each of the three selves has an etheric body. It is this energetic mold that holds any physical form together.
The High Self-connected to the low self through an energy cord. This energy cord has been called the silver cord in other mystical teachings.
The Higher Self expresses all divine qualities as compassion, patience, love, forgiveness. It is the ideal to which we as middle selves are supposed to aspire.

According to Huna teachings, the lower self shadow body is capable of changing shapes temporarily or permanently to form a connecting thread between the middle and the Higher Self. A person who has a good relationship with their lower and higher self, have developed the aka cords where vital or mana force can travel. In making prayers to the Higher Self is very similar to the process between the lower self and the middle self. Once the middle self has raised the vital force from the etheric body of the lower self to use as “will”, it can do whatever it wants with this energy.

The process of the prayer to the Higher Self is the raising of the vital force up from the middle self.

The key issuse here that is very unique to the Huna teachings is that it is the low self that takes the thought form prayer to the High Self. If the low self has a complex of sin, guilt, unworthiness or doubt, it will not deliver the prayer.

It is essential according to the Huna teachings hence to accumulate vital force before beginning to pray to the Higher Self.

The last step in this process before this can be accomplished is to create a proper thought form prayer. The ending or closing portion of the prayer should be made definite.

Source: Josuha David Stone’s writings