Ascension: New Earth

“As Above, so Below.”

By applying the seven hermetic principles micro and macro through our hearts, we will reach the point of union with God. We understand that everything has a cycle that applies these laws and the disconnection from God is the disconnection from our hearts, from the LOVE within.

As a Divine Co-Creator of this Universe, you have the free will to manifest your creation in your unique divine way for infinite expansion of wisdom and love throughout the entire Universe and beyond.

For a long period of time, the Earth existed in the third dimension, which is a frequency of matter.

This changed completely on June 14, 1988, when earth’s inhabitants began to experience the period of grace that can be called also the fourth dimension, when, for the first time within this Cosmic Day, the Earth completed her spiritual circuitry with Source, the God/Goddess/ All That Is.

This period of Divine Grace began to prepare Mother Earth and her inhabitants for the next phase which can be referred to as the planetary Ascension or the Fifth Dimension.

The Ascension will be witnessed shortly in sequential time, causing your physical sciences, to start anew. Your human Hierarchy will, in the very near future, channel sufficient spiritual wisdom to Earth to free humankind from the bondage of the ego, through the power of love.

The spiritualization of matter, through the fusion of love of the permanent atoms, is available in what we refer to as the spiritual microtron.

When the fusion of the atom and the microtron is achieved, you will begin to recognize and integrate the spiritualization of matter, you will begin to awaken to a higher purpose, freeing yourself of all the illusions of the ego, surrendering to your Higher Self guidance. You will begin to anchor your Higher Self more and more in your personality until you become your Higher Soul. This level will be manifested through feelings of unconditional love, freedom, inner peace, and blissfulness. You will begin to manifest your reality according to the guidance of your soul, having the feeling of oneness, accepting that all is One, and One is everything.

The shifts of the Earth and her astral levels over the last six years are evidence that mankind must connect with their only reality, their inner I Am Presence, and cease referring to their outer, material creations as anything but illusory, which they are, from a Creator perspective. The idea that reality is limited to what humans can monitor through their five senses is opposite to the view from God’s Source.

Humanity will continue in a state of confusion and crystallization for a period of time, due to an increasingly apparent mental and emotional instability. The compulsion to cling to third-dimensional non-reality is so powerful that a complete state of denial will rage throughout mass consciousness.

The great trap, the fall of man, can be encapsulated in one word: illusion. From a Source perspective, humanity’s fall and separation from the primal soul into the densest of all levels of consciousness and was never part of the Master Plan. However, the Creator’s open-ended, infinite.

The plan also allows the Co-Creators to use their God-given free will, as individualized sparks of Divine Consciousness, to experience anew for this Cosmic Day. And as always with free will, what one wishes to experience, in darkness or in light, is the choice of the individual. The Cosmic Law is irrevocable, in that sparks of Divinity, herein referred to as Soul levels, will eventually reunite with the God Source they have always been.

The arrival upon Earth of the balanced God and Goddess energies is here. This will activate the threefold flame within which is the key for the next phase of our Ascension.

This balance of creative energy is long overdue on a planet where all of the religions have held to the limited and false image that God is male, which therefore means that God is not balanced and integrated, both in It’s receptive and dynamic aspects of Creation.

The Goddess energy will touch everyone and will balance your perception of male and female polarities.

As her children, from an energy perspective, she is going to teach; touch and help balance the abuse of dynamic male energy that has been conveyed during the last four civilizations on Earth.

So dear ones,

Enjoy the waves of the Ascension and allow your Soul to guide you home!

Source: Brian Grattan, Mahatma Boook I & II