About the Goddess

As an Ambassador of the Goddess and an Initiate in the Temple of Rose Mystery School, the guidance of my spirit is to remind and revive the true mysteries of the Goddess, forgotten and hidden for such a long time.

The Goddess asked for her mysteries to be revealed to those who are ready.

She wishes to reconnect her heart with your heart and live in Oneness once again.

It is my tremendous pleasure to speak, share, and to practice with all of you, her deepest mysteries.

Let’s journey together into the womb of Creation, revive and heal the Divine Feminine in the name of God.

The time has come for us to become pure vessels for the Goddess to descend and to start emanating Divine Unconditional Love towards all life.

The Gods are welcome in the Temple.

May the Goddess bless your soul!

In-Service for the Divine,

Emilia Rose