One night I had a dream, a dream I could not ignore. In that dream, I saw the Oneness, the infinite Omnipresent Source / Light / Love / Consciousness. I saw the purity of my Soul, a particle of that infinite omnipresent divine flame in which everything exists. In that dream, my soul was pointing my way to the higher realms. I saw how everything is interconnected and how we can affect everything through our consciousness, how we are truly co-creators, constantly creating with the Creator, how we are cells of that Holy Energy, like the fingers of our palms, different but connected to the same source.

In that dream, I felt the desire of my soul to grow, to reconnect back with all that it is, to Ascend.  From that night, everything changed, all my attention was directed to the search for the truth. I participated in many spiritual workshops, growing and learning every day, expanding my consciousness more and more.

Shifting my attention from the outer world to my inner self, I started to allow the inner alchemy transformation to happen by listening to my Soul. This brought me tremendous bliss and serenity, wisdom and love, responsibility and acceptance.
My soul has finally begun to receive the care and the love that was needed for a total blossoming of my entire being.

In order to start surrendering and to allow my soul to sit on the inner throne once again, many layers of the matrix programs had to be dissolved and this inner alchemy can happen only through self-love, self-awareness, healing, clearing and balancing the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual body, through acceptance, honesty, trust, and discipline.
In other words, moving your awareness from the outside world to your inner self is the key to grow your consciousness and experience the Higher realms.

This inner journey helped me develop a strong connection with my Higher Self, helped me to activate more my psychic abilities and my DNA, to become a portal for the light to descend on the surface of the planet, to be in contact with the higher realms and so much more.

Although each step towards Ascension is an everyday journey to greater heights, I feel a deep calling to share with those who are interested in the wisdom that I acquired on my spiritual path.

There is a great need for us in our pure essence, to become bridges of Pure Light between Heaven and Earth, to support Mother Gaia in her Ascension process, to activate our DNA, to allow our souls to sit on the inner throne and to take all the decisions from that place, to become our Higher Selves, to Ascend.

Are you ready?

If you feel that I can help you, please, contact me and with love and grace, I will do my best to help you on your spiritual path, in order for you to always choose Divine Love and Light and to remember you that we are ONE!

In-Service for the Divine,

Emilia Rose