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About Ascension

Inner Wisdom

Ascension for me, it’s a manifestation of God in this physical dense reality, in this physical vessel. It is a manifestation of the Divine, through every thought form, every feeling, every word, and action that you have.

I want to bring awareness about the planetary Ascension because are many levels to Ascend and to merge with higher levels of consciousness.
The planetary Ascension encompasses the levels which the Ascended Masters graduated and shared them with us. All of us have access to these levels, in this lifetime by raising our vibration, because of this divine period that we are living in when our divine planet decided to raise her vibration and Ascend. In the past, to pass from one initiation to another was a long time, even a whole lifetime and now we can pass through all 7 initiations in this lifetime, becoming pure light beings, becoming Ascended Masters.

The first initiation is the level where we start transcending the physical body. We start taking care of our physical bodies. We start eating healthy, we start being aware of what we use on our bodies, in our bodies. We start letting go of all attachments that were hurting our body, like alcohol, drugs, smoking, chemicals, GMO food, or any other addiction.
When you step in on your Ascension path, the first initiation has a lot to do with clearing and letting go and cleaning your physical body.

The second initiation is the transcending of the emotional body.  In our subconscious mind, we stored all the experiences that we had and all the traumas and if we didn’t deal with them, our emotional body will function from the emotions that we stored and suppressed in our subconscious mind. When we start this initiation, we start being aware of what emotions want to be released, we start being aware of the cause of the emotions and we will start the inner healing process.
This initiation is one of the hardest to pass because the releasing process could be painful but the price is so worth it.

The third initiation is the one that we can call it the first because the first two are just settled the ground. This initiation is a total fusion of your personality with your Higher Self. It’s such a beautiful initiation because you are still behaving as your personality, as your human being form, but at the same time, you have access to this divine energy, which is your Higher Soul. It will take time until the total merging of your Higher Self with your personality is happening until your HS will sit on the inner throne and after you pass this level, the other one will manifest much more faster because your heart will start opening and it will be easier for you to allow the inner alchemy process to happen.
This initiation is such a wonderful experience because we are growing so much and in the first two initiations, we let go of all the matrix programs, traumas, etc., in this third level, the flower starts to grow. We start feeling the smell of our essence. We begin to surrender to the divine guidance, we start accepting what is happening in our lives, we start understanding that everything in our lives is a manifestation of our thoughts and emotions and we start taking responsibility and we will change everything that it is not divine in our reality, with our free will.

At the fourth initiation, you are already your Higher Self and you start serving the Divine Will of God with love and grace. You will start emanating unconditional love. Every act of yours will be guided by the Divine. You will become a Master of Self. When you are at this level, everything that you are doing is just manifesting love. You are a temple of Love and Light and with your soul gifts, because your vibration is love, you will manifest love, you will attract love, everything in your life will be just love. 

At the fifth initiation, you will become your Presence of I AM that I AM, your Monad.

At the sixth and seventh initiation, you are already a Master, you will have all the “superpowers” back. The telepathy and the opening of the third eye can happen sooner. At this level, you start becoming pure light, 99% light and you will be able to teleport, to levitate, to be in multiple places at the same time, to manifest instantly, you will be eternal.

At these levels, all the fears are cleaned, and all that you are is Divine Love and Light.

What can be more beautiful than merging with God?
The Omnipresent Source of Love, until we become our true identity, Divine beings of Love!

The more inner conscious work you are doing with yourself daily, the more your light quotient, your light body is growing and your cells will start feeding with that energy, your atoms will start spinning at a higher speed, you chakras will start spinning clockwise, faster, you will stop aging and you will start balancing your higher bodies with your lower bodies.

We are living in this divine time when the planet decided to Ascend and we can do this with her. So many souls want to have physical vessels to participate and live in this period and you are here.

I know and I can see that the outer world right now is chaotic and fear is spread everywhere, but so many things are happening without us being aware of them and we have the power to change this fear-based reality from within.

 We can pray and visualize and feel love for each other’s, we have access to infinite information’s and we have so many light tools that can protect us from any negative reality.

Only the fear is attracting that reality which you don’t want.

Be love and love will be around you!

It’s such a beautiful blessing to live in this period of time.

It is an unconscious fight until the fourth initiation, between the personality/ego and the soul because the ego was trained and programmed differently than what the soul is.

It is essential for you, when you start this process to be aware and let go of all toxic environments, people, relationships. When the seed is planted in the ground when she starts growing, the outer world can influence her so much and a toxic environment will make your process slower.
Just let go of everything that you don’t need anymore, and once you will start raising your vibration, you will manifest healthy environments, soul connected people, divine experiences, and so on.

No light being will ever judge you by doing this, only the personalities of certain people, but those personalities are not real, only the soul is real; so what those personalities are thinking about you it doesn’t matter because is just an illusion, their souls are admiring you for your courage to step in on this divine path. 

Learn to say NO when you feel you don’t want to do something. One of the biggest lessons of humanity is to listen to their inner feelings and learn to say NO.

 Forgive yourself, forgive others. Forgiveness is the key for us to be able to feel with our hearts. Forgiveness is essential for our hearts to be wide open, so forgive yourself and forgive everybody. No soul will ever hurt you and the personality as I said before is just not real. Many people are building personalities around their souls to protect themselves because our history is heavy and this is what the matrix taught us; it was a protection tool for thousands of years.

I can share from my own experience that what beautiful friends I have now, I was only dreaming about it in the past.
All of them are connected consciously with the Source, awake, aware and we are growing so beautifully together.

Start listening to your heart desires, and let’s Ascend together. 

God is calling us home, and home is everywhere as long as we are allowing the fusion with our souls to happen.

Ascension is blossoming from within and asking God, the divine infinite Love Source to descend in our physical vessels for us to manifest godliness all around us.

For more information about the Ascension path, I highly recommend Joshua David Stone’s book.

May God bless you!

Emilia Rose